Undies for Better Understanding – UK joining the campaign

UK Underpants

Moments before I presented as Keynote speaker 5-7 June for Australasian Women’s Health Care – http://www.cvent.com/events/wha-    collaboration/custom-18-17ce93ec7a6f46d1b86b130a8a30fdf9.aspx

‘Whyhcare services provision’ I received this pair of Underpants fro UK which I used in my presentation to show that there is a global interest in a positive perspective when it comes to GYN health. women’s voices matter in healt

I had a great response from many midwives at the conference who wish to go back to their communities to share the Undies for Understanding campaign. At the end of my presentation I invited 5 midwives and the President Graeme Boardley to hold up underpants and they sang the GYNae song. Ladies to the left, Ladies to the right – dont forget your GYNaemight. It was fun planting GYN health awareness seeds.





Book Kath Mazzella OAM for your next speaking gig and enjoy her vibrant personality, inspirational message and fun way of presenting what is normally a taboo topic.


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